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 Gifts cards now available Online! 

Please visit our Square e-card business site for more details. Pick your own design and amount online or in the store. Perfect for any occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, or as a simple thank you! 

Holiday Hours

Sunday, Christmas Eve- 10am to 5 pm

Closed Christmas day. 

Happy Holiday's everyone!

Meet the Founders!

mike and sherry.jpg

Mike and Sheri got married in 1981. They have 2 sons and 2 daughters, who all grew up with the pet store. Pet’s Playhouse was born in 1991 when Mike went to the pet store to buy a guinea pig for his son. They didn't have the one he wanted. Mike asked the owner when he would be getting more in. After a brief discussion, he found out they were going out of business. Mike proceeded to buy the store. He didn't even consult with Sheri first! 

...And Their Pets

Mike and Sheri have a total of six animals! Mikey, a male Moluccan Cockatoo, is around 27 years old. Mikey is very social and well known for dancing, whistling, & screaming. Crystal is a female African Gray Parrot best known for her temper, barking and even cat sounds. Like crystal, a green iguana named King has quite a temper as well. Ruby, a red iguana, loves attention. Ruby and King are the size of small dogs! Behind the counter are Toby and Cricket. Toby is a 9-year-old poodle. Cricket is just a puppy, named after her love for chasing crickets. 

Best Brands In One Place!

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